Cheche Awarded User Experience Innovation Award by Xpeng


The 2023 Xpeng Smart Insurance Strategic Cooperation Summit was held in Shenzhen City and Cheche was invited to the event. During the summit, Cheche was awarded User Experience Innovation Award by Xpeng for its comprehensive, quality and efficient EV insurance solutions and services.

As of the date of the article, Cheche Technology has served over 40,000 Xpeng owners in insurance transaction and binding with 90% done fully online.

As an insurtech company, Cheche Technology has been engaged in the sector for almost 9 years with a mission to empower auto manufacturers, intermediaries and agents with digital insurance transaction and services. Recently, Cheche Technology released an upgraded version of its EV insurance solution. Throughout the digital exploration of EV insurance solution in the past two years, Cheche has served EV manufacturers, including Nio, Li Auto, Xpeng and Jidu with insurance products from 10+ leading insurance companies. The platform features five technological advantages, which are, SaaS platform management, API management, digital operation, value-

added innovation and national service network.