Cheche Technology released its anti-fraud model Sky Dome and its upgraded version of EV insurance solution


On May 17th, an EV insurance seminar, hosted by Cheche Technology and Shanghai Insurance Exchange, was successfully held in Beijing. Industry professionals from eight major insurance carriers including PICC, Ping An Insurance and CPIC, and representatives from nine EV manufacturers including Xpeng, Nio and Avatr held in-depth discussions on the achievements of EV insurance, future challenges and industry trends.

According to Shan Shufeng, the deputy manager of Shanghai Insurance Exchange, the high-quality growth of EVs and EV insurance calls for cross-industrial cooperation. Ecosystem partners should host regular discussions among the EV makers, insurance carriers and technology providers, collect EV insurance data in real time, enhance the connectivity of data among different industries so as to help develop new insurance products and risk management services while lowering the cost and increasing efficiency.

During the seminar, it is widely recognized among the EV makers being consumer-centric is how the EV makers should focus on building their brands. It is imperative to stick to a user-first approach to improve customer experience. To this end, insurance carriers believe that the value of insurance lies in the risk management which takes into consideration better customer experiences and smooth operation.

According to Lei Zhang, CEO of Cheche Technology, despite the high loss ratios and claims ratios, EV insurance innovation is the future. A number of measures will open up vast possibilities for the quality growth of the sector, including transformations of EV sales, improved after-sale services, data interconnectivity and upgraded pricing model. Cheche will build an exclusive insurance platform covering the sales, claims and services, empowering auto manufacturers to offer comprehensive services and improving overall customer experiences.