Auto Insurance Transaction Platform

As the industry-leading independent technology-powered platform, with products geared for consumers and referral partners, Cheche offers auto insurance and non-auto products underwritten by a broad range of insurance carriers.


AI-Based Business Intelligence Platform
for Auto Insurance

Sky Frontier is an AI-based, analytics-driven pricing recommendation engine that helps insurance carriers optimize their underwriting and pricing strategies. Using machine learning, Sky Frontier enables detailed risk segmentation and precise pricing based on vast dimensions of data related to vehicles, models and ongoing industry trends, etc.

Integrated with Sky Frontier, we provide a risk management platform named Sky Dome. Sky Dome provides insurance carriers with comprehensive risk management and anti-fraud capabilities drawing on machine learning and big data.


Intelligent Cloud-Based SaaS Solution for
Insurance Intermediaries

Digital Surge is a comprehensive SaaS-based solution that enables insurance intermediaries to digitize their operations and conduct business with full regulatory compliance. The platform covers critical functions, including operations management, billing management, contract management, data and privacy management, human resources management, transaction management, and reports management. Using Digital Surge, intermediaries can increase their access to competitive insurance products, streamline their operations, and ensure compliance with more rigorous reporting requirements.