Representatives from Cheche Group and Bairen Benevolent Foundation visited Nanke Primary School in Yunnan province


On April 12th, Cheche Group and Bairen Benevolent Foundation visited Nanke Primary School in Yunnan province and studied the local education situations in-depth and met with the local teachers and students.

Located in the Jinshuihe Town of Miao Yao and Dai Autonomous County, the school is only 10 km away from the China-Vietnam border. There is only one shuttle bus that travels back and forth between the school and the county.

The school has one teaching building, one dormitory building and one mixed-use building. There are six grades with one class each. Among them, the number of fifth graders is 59, while that of fourth graders is merely 35. There are 285 students in total, including 160 boys, 125 girls and two disabled kids. Most of them are ethnic minorities, including Browtn, Ladu, Miao, Yao, Hani and Yi. There are six local teachers and three teachers from Bairen Benevolent Foundation. Among them, six teachers were born in the 90s. Each of them will teach more than one subject and average class hours per teacher are 17.

The visit to Nanke Primary School was warmly welcomed by local teachers and students. During the visit, the Cheche Delegation encouraged students to pursue their dreams and put innovation spirits into practice.

At the same time, Cheche Delegation also expressed their respect and appreciation to local and volunteer teachers for their sacrifice and contributions so that children in remote mountainous regions can receive better education.

Rare teaching resources, children’s longing for knowledge and determination strengthened our faith in devoting to education.

In December 2020, Cheche Group reached a strategic partnership with Bairen Benevolent Foundation to collaborate on volunteer teaching program and building projects in remote areas.

In April 2021, Cheche Group, along with Bairen Benevolent Foundation, built three primary schools in Honghezhou, Yunnan province.

In March 2022, Cheche Group made contributions to the Nanke Primary School Volunteer Teaching Program.