Cheche’s Insurance Solution for Auto Makers included in 2022 Selected Cases of Services Innovations


On March 14th, the 2023 China Banking and Insurance Services Innovations Summit hosted by China Banking and Insurance News was held in Beijing. Under the theme of building a better life with financial innovations, the summit addressed topics including measures to be taken for encouraging service innovations and ways to better protect the legal rights of financial consumers. In addition, the list of 2022 Selected Cases of Services Innovations was released during the summit.

China Banking and Insurance News has been collecting and publishing innovative services cases for nine consecutive years. It has won industry-wide recognition and is influential among financial institutions.  

The collection and judging process took two months in total, covering services innovations concerning new citizens, the rights of consumers, the local branches, online services and senior care. The judging panel received nearly 400 applications from over 150 banks and insurance institutions. The winners stood out after thorough evaluations.