Cheche’s Digital Insurance Solutions for Auto Makers Awarded Excellent Cases of Financial Products by China Banking and Insurance News


The Seventh Session of Influential Financial Brand Summit was successfully held in Xiamen. The list of the most influential financial brands was released during the event. Cheche’s Digital Insurance Solutions for Auto Makers were included in Excellent Cases of Financial Products awards.  

The awards are divided into eight categories including brand influence, innovations and CSR programs. Over 400 entries have been collected. Insightful comments on the entries were obtained from the Insurance Association of China, China Trustee Association, Brand Z, Brand Finance and School of Economics of Peking University.

Cheche Technology is developing a smart claims management system featuring one-click claims reporting and management systems, available both on on-board units and mobile devices. In case of an accident, the vehicle will automatically report the geographical positions and timestamps to the insurance company and the automaker after it has gained the authorization from the driver. The system is believed to speed up the claims handling process and enable precise loss adjustment.

Technological empowerment has become a main driver of the healthy development of the insurance industry and a source of vitality for NEV industry. Looking ahead, Cheche Technology remains committed to investing in technology and developing smart and advanced solutions in collaboration with NEV makers.