Cheche Technology selected as a 2021 Innovator in Banking and Insurance Sector


The 2022 CBIRC-backed China Banking and Insurance Industry Service Innovation Summit hosted by China Banking and Insurance News convened in Guangzhou on March 14th. The summit was framed by the theme: to deliver better service for regulation, industry and citizens. The experts and the media rated and compared over 300 innovative cases across the banking and insurance sector while Cheche Technology stood out with our NEV insurance solution as a 2021 Innovative Case in Banking and Insurance Sector.

On October 20th, 2020, the State Council published the Development Plan for the New Energy Vehicle Industry (2021—2035). The Plan lays out a growth path to the sustainable development of NEV industry by improving infrastructure and building new ecosystems. Guided by favorable government policies, Cheche Technology was among the first to release an intelligent NEV insurance solution in pursuit of a stable NEV industry. Since the launch of the exclusive NEV insurance policies in December 2021, Cheche Technology has collaborated with various institutions and companies in Shanghai to offer solutions in underwriting capabilities, claims settlement and aftermarket services. Cheche Technology has made strong commitments to contribute and facilitate the Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality goals with our partners and clients