Swiss Re iptiQ partners with Cheche Technology to launch iptiQ Accidental Insurance


iptiQ, the personal line brand of Swiss Re, has launched iptiQ Accidental Insurance, in partnership with Cheche Group. Backed by the rich experience in risk management of Swiss Re, this product, which is the very first from iptiQ in China, is designed to be high-quality and dependable to be customized to the needs of Cheche customers.

Robert Burr, CEO of Asia-Pacific Region of iptiQ, said, “As is estimated by Swiss Re Institute, China is believed to grow to become the largest insurance market around the globe by mid-2030. The first product in China in partnership with Cheche is a milestone for our Asia-Pacific growth strategy. Backed by the professional reputation, leading underwriting capacities of Swiss Re, we are committed to building the digital trust in insurance among consumers and working with more trustworthy local partners to build smart, time-saving, and dependable products with a view to promote digital insurance transformation and make the society more resilient.”

To meet the all-round needs of users, iptiQ Accidental Insurance builds a one-stop solution, combining insurance and services to offer seamless digital insurance experience. The product features a wide coverage, covering general accidents including drowning, traffic accidents, natural disasters, and accidents in life, sports, travel and workplace.

Founder and CEO of Cheche Technology Lei Zhang said, “Over the years, Cheche has accelerated digitization and partnered with insurance carriers through open platforms to promote mutual benefits in pursuit of new retail strategy. IptiQ is a personal line brand of Swiss Re to offer trusted, personalized high-quality insurance protection to individuals and families. The powerful alliance will allow more user-centric product innovations, better ecosystem collaborations and designs of higher-quality insurance products and services to benefit both companies and grow respective reputations. In the future, both parties will work to launch more digital insurance products to better serve the 1.5 billion Chinese users in pursuit of a better life. “

Vice President and Head of Personal Lines of iptiQ Xiaohui Du remarked, “Combining the mature digital ecosystem and insights of Cheche and the professional insurance and engine and risk management expertise of iptiQ, we hope to offer excellent digital insurance experience for Chinese customers, facilitating a better life for them. “