Cheche CEO Lei Zhang: Low-carbon potentials in InsurTech and opportunities brought by Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality goals


On November 29th, China Banking and Insurance News published an article by Lei Zhang, Cheche Group CEO, titled Low-Carbon potentials in InsurTech and Opportunities Brought by Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality Goals. The digital potentials of insurance can move in tandem with Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality goals. The establishment and development of the digital insurance infrastructure are both ways to increase efficiencies, cut costs and vehicle emissions .

The pursuit of Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality goals is a profound economic and social evolution, with many industries now experiencing the pains and paying high costs. Getting there is a social obligation for many companies as well as a opportunity. From paper policies to digital policies、From traditional pyramid structure in distribution to digital enablement Digital claims settlement: No trifles and Accelerated reimbursements Product innovation and green insurance We are convinced that any individual, as the smallest social unit, will make profound impacts on the society with the change of his/her social understandings and behaviors. As an innovative company, Cheche is doing its best to guide users to reduce carbon emission and promote green travel, starting from auto insurance.