Cheche CEO Lei Zhang at Taihe Civilizations Forum---To Promote Tech-driven Green Finance


On September 5th, the fifth Taihe Civilizations Forum took place, hosted by the Taihe Institute. The Sub-session on Economy and Technology was held in Beijing on the same day. Officials from China, the US, Germany and Colombia, experts on climate change, digital and information technology, and finance as well as representatives from the business community conducted in-depth discussions on how China can achieve Carbon Emission Peak by 2030, Carbon Neutrality by 2060 and how all sectors can make contributions under the theme of Responsibility and Opportunity: Tech-driven Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality. Lei Zhang, the founder and CEO of Cheche Technology, was invited to speak at the session.

Lei Zhang, who is also a member of Taihe Institute, believes that we cannot achieve Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality goals without the support of the Fintech ecosystem. The government has set up Green Finance Commission to further the effort with the help of the Banking and Insurance sector supporting a low-carbon economy by means of credit, insurance and improved risk management. Carbon emission from the transportation industry is exhibiting an increasing trend as the number of motor vehicles are growing. As a result, the Banking and Insurance sector has enhanced its effort in promoting NEVs with the transportation sector. Guided by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, Cheche Technology, together with select insurance carriers, are exploring green auto insurance innovations as well.