Cheche Technology collaborate with BaiRen Benevolent Foundation to support education in rural China


On December 30th, 2020, Mr. LeiZhang, CEO of Cheche Technology, visitedBaiRen Benevolent Foundation and had a discussion on how to further support the development of education in rural communities

Xiaojing Shi, secretary general of BaiRen Benevolent Foundation, introduced to Lei Zhang the development of BaiRen's long-term volunteer teaching project and the "1+1+1" collaboration project.Mr. LeiZhangappreciated these wonderful projects and the work and lives of the volunteers on the front line.After the meeting, the two sides held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation.According to the agreement, Cheche TechnologyandBaiRen Benevolent Foundationwill provide targeted supportsto schools with volunteers..

The "1+1+1" model is actively explored by BaiRento ensure the sustainable development of its long-term volunteer education project. It aims to work with a caring enterprise to regularly fund and provide supports to a school with active volunteers. At present, BaiRen has reached "1+1+1" strategic collaborations with a number of enterprises facilitating the development of rural education.