Cheche Technology selected as one of the Top 50 Excellent Service Providers in Chinese Fintech Industry by iResearch


Recently, iResearch released the 2024 China Fintech Development Insights. The report touches upon the Fintech growth from two perspectives, that is, technological developments trends and business application, and explores the new applications of technology, combining the experts’ insights and case studies.

In particular, the list of 2024 Top 50 Excellent Service Providers in Fintech Industry was also released in the report in recognition of their outstanding technical capabilities and achievements in promoting fintech innovations. Cheche Technology has made it to the list along with Pingan Technology, Ant Group, and Huawei Cloud as well as other industry leaders, for its advanced technologies and innovations.

It is known that the applicants were assessed and graded in four dimensions-- industry penetration, product and technical capabilities, service ability and ecosystem infrastructure. After the thorough consideration and close reviews, the judging panel comprised of the research team of iResearch and third-party professionals divided the top performers into four categories, including comprehensive tech provider, fintech IT service provider, core tech application provider and digital fintech service provider.